Liquid Ejectors

The Liquid ejector system is different from traditional steam ejector systems because its motive fluid is a liquid rather than steam. Using a liquid as a motive fluid has several benefits: energy savings, emissions reduction, and simple operation and maintenance, a liquid motive medium is used to suck off another liquid and to convey it to a higher pressure. High turbulence achieves a homogeneous intermixture of both flows.


The Liquid ejector are Venturi jet device. The motive liquid is flowed through the nozzle and into the mixing chamber. As the cross-sectional area of the mixing chamber is reduced, the velocity of the liquid is increased. In other words, potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, or static pressure is transformed into dynamic pressure. As the liquid accelerates, the static pressure falls.


This generates a vacuum, which induces the gas into the mixing chamber. As the gas/liquid mixture enters the diffuser, the static pressure begins to recover. The gas is now being compressed as it approaches the discharge. Thus, the Liquid ejector acts as an evacuator and a compressor.