“AB Progetti” was established in 1982, by another company established on 1929, named “Officina Ing. C. Belforte”.


The three founding members of AB Progetti were two brothers, A. Belforte and F. Belforte (sons of C. Belforte, owner of the previous company), and S. Bisetti.


In fact, “Officina Ing. C. Belforte” was specialized from the 30th years in design and construction of steam jet ejectors and vacuum systems, sea water desalination plants, heat exchangers, condensers and degassers.


But on the late 70th years this market moved on Japan first and later on South Korea, while the orders to Italian shipbuilders was dramatically reduced. In the same time, appeared on the market the electronic computers, allowing companies to have effective and innovative design tools at affordable prices.


For those reasons, the two Belforte brothers decided to form a new company dedicated exclusively to design, and in which the computer had a key role from the outset, a very innovative attitude for its time. The young, skilled and given S. Bisetti, was the perfect guy to start with them this new adventure.


In a short time, AB Progetti started to design its own products, using its own software (AB Progetti has always been of the opinion that it was necessary to internally develop its own dedicated software). In these days, the internal development of its own software, is a characteristic of AB Progetti, which uses it in the same time that important software worldwide applied.


This is what is behind the success of AB Progetti, asserted quickly beside most qualified suppliers for reliability and quality of its products, mainly in the sale of ejectors and vacuum systems.